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Sports Betting Software

Designed from the ground up the new sports betting software was made exclusively for in-house casino sportsbooks. One of the most revolutionary software products destined to change casino sportsbooks for ever.

The software integrates seamlessly with any odds-provider including IGT & Stadium Technologies and uses JCM bill acceptors and TITO ticket printers.

Gaming compliance presents an almost insurmountable hurdle for web technology, the only possible solution being native code throughout. Unlike any other sports betting application on the market the software is a native code platform written to comply with gaming regulations.


User Interface

Customizable user interface, making white labeling for individual casinos simple without resubmission to gaming.

Universal Odds

The odds system can be customized to suit any provider new providers can be added as and when they become available.

Code Security

Uses native code and triple Triple DES encryption no problematic web based technologies disallowed by gaming.


Customizable graphics located in a centralized resource assembly, can be changed without resubmission to gaming.

Ticket Printer

Automatic self detection of the ticket printer when using TITO printers.

Bill Acceptor

Uses JCM bill acceptors with self detection and configuration.


Sports Betting Begins at 2:60s
Already dubbed one of the top 20 most innovative gaming technologies by Casino Journal.

Jason Lee The Motley Fool

The first in-play sports betting terminal.

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